Making Room requests?

We have never made a room request before, because we are really not picky. But I’ve seen some good “arguments” for doing so, and wanted to see if we could get a specific cabin at Ft Wilderness as well as a corner room at CBR when we go in December. I thought there would be a place to make these requests in the form when booking the room, but didn’t see one. Are room requests only made when checking in? Or is there a way to put these requests in now, without starting the virtual check-in process? We don’t stay on property often so I’m not super familiar with navigating the website- maybe I overlooked something? Thanks!

You can make them when you do online check-in, but the options tend to be very generic, no free form entry to request anything specific.

A much better option is to submit a room request through Touring Plans, which will be emailed in 30 days ahead, which is when the central room assigners now start. Or you can call in and make them through the reservations line.

To use the TP facility, add your trip to your dashboard and you will see an option to request a room.


I see it now! It is amazing what I can overlook sometimes. Thank you!

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