Making Reservations

If you are staying in a WDW resort, can you make your dining reservations 190 days in advance or only 180 days in advance? There are a couple of places in The Unofficial Guide that states you can make reservations 190 days out if you are an on-site guest, but I don’t see this anywhere on the WDW website. Thanks for the help!

At 180 days out you can make ADRs for the lengths if your stay ( up to ten days). So if you are staying give days, at day 180 you can make ADRs for those five days. If you are stSying off site, you can make ADRs each day 180 days out.

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Can I make reservations online for all dates? I’m confused. First day is 12/9, so 180 days out is 6/12. Can I make online reservations for all 7 days on 6/12? I read somewhere else recently that you had to call to make reservations for all dates, or otherwise just make online reservations 1 day at a time…

On your adr day, all dates of your stay, up to the 10 days, will open up for you to make online reservations.

If you have a split stay, it may just open up the first part, until 180 days from the second check-in day. That might be what you’I’ve read perhaps.

When you reach Day 180 if you have an online reservation booked and linked to your MDE account you should be able to book all days online at 6:00am Disney time. You should see the dates open- but sometimes either the app or online doesn’t work.