Making reservations question

It’s been over 5 years since I last made ADRs!! I can’t remember, when you get your computer set up waiting for the minute reservations go active, do you put all your requests in on the form at once or are the reservations done one at a time, so you would want to start with the hardest to get first and go from there. TIA for the responses!!

Kim °o°

One at a time.

Start with the most difficult and work to the easiest


Good luck getting all you want amigo!

If you are staying on property or whatever other hotels get this perk, and have the opportunity to do your ADRs at 60 days plus 10, try to put the hard to get reservations at the end of your trip dates. I put Sci Fi, Topolino’s breakfast, and Storybook Dining towards the end of the trip and got a table for 6 at the times I wanted…

++ @OBNurseNH … And I would add to take the most difficult/desired and start with dates that are further out in your reservation window. Once you snag a reservation you can then attempt to modify to a date earlier in your reservation window.

EDT: Didn’t ready the Topic to the end … so what @illini74 said

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What time did you get for Topolino? I’m hopeful I can snag a late morning for 4 on my 9th day … didn’t realize how hard it could be!

I have a table for 6 at 10 a.m. which was the time I was trying for. Now, of course a little earlier would have bee better, but nothing is available. It is on our last day.

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