Making reservations in order of stay?

Next year will be our first time going to Disney since advanced Reservations for dining and fastpass are done online. I see that to make reservations one of the first steps is to enter the date of your stay. My question is, when making reservations do I have to make them in the order of my stay? For example, I know BOG is a difficult reservation but say I want to make a reservations there on our 4th day, can I attempt to make that reservation first even though that is not the first day of our stay? This question is also for fastpass reservations. Thank you in advance!

You can make ADRs and FPP reservations in any order you want as long as you’re staying onsite and follow the 180+10 rule. As you note, it would be wise to book your tough ADR/FPP first and then fill in regardless of date…

Yeah, for the hardest-to-get ADRs and FP+s, working backwards from your 180+length of stay is the best strategy.

Thank you both!

I see you already got your answer! Good luck! I was able to get BOG on the 4th day of our trip too! If not the reservation finder will help you out!

BOG and 8am pre rope drop breakfasts first