Making Reservations for 2015

Does anyone know what time the online reservations system will open tomorrow to make reservations for 2015? Is it better to call? If so, what time can you call? TIA

They open at 7am EST, but no real reason to call first thing in the morning. Everything will be at rack rate with no promotions yet so shouldn't be any real need to be first in line.

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Everything should be online at 6am, but there's no guarantees. You can save yourself the headache by either booking online or calling a TA and have them do it.

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CM told me today it may be available online as early as 12:01am but def after they open around 6am

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I've been looking at 2015 prices online this morning. Online is probably quicker than calling at this point.

I booked online this morning around 5:30am CDT. No problems at all.

Online didn't work at 1am EST but booked at 7am.