Making reservations 180 days out. Start at 6AM or midnight like the Disney rep told me?

I started making reservations this weekend for our trip in October. Since some of our party is staying at a Disney resort and others are not, we were not able to book at table for our entire party of 11 at BOG and Cinderella’s Royal Table. They let me book for 6 and then I need to do the 180 day thing to get a table for a party of 5. We are an early dinner at BOG (4:05pm) and lunch at Cinderella’s so I am hopeful we may be able to still get reservations.

The weird part is I asked the Disney rep when to start calling - this not my first time to Disney but the first time we know we were going 6 months ahead. She told me to start calling at midnight. Every resource out there tells me to start at 6AM. I’d rather not stay up until midnight tonight and then find out I need to be up at 6AM tomorrow.

Any thoughts?

Pretty sure it’s 6 AM (Florida time).
Don’t think it’s possible to make ADR’s at midnight no matter what… Is the phone lines even open at that time?

for Dining, your online window opens up at 6am eastern time. Phone lines are 7am - 10pm eastern time.

after you’re under 180 days, you can book/change online at any time.

I just made ours, and could not do it any earlier than 6 am est

Thanks everyone! I thought that. It seems I was led astray by the Disney reservation line. I will make reservations at 6am.

Dining 180 days out at 6am. FPP 60 (or 30) days out at midnight.

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@becksue77 How many of you are on-site? Were you only able to book for the exact number of people on your reservation? I ask b/c I will be making ADR’s for my family of 4 next week at 180 days. we are onsite so will book for the length of the trip. on day 188 I want to make an ADR at ohana for us and 2 of our friends who are locals coming to see us. I hope I don’t have a problem making the res for 6 that night.

@mjsmomma When I tried using the account of our friend staying onsite, it kept kicking me out when I went over 3, the number in their party. This may just have been a website issue. When I called though, I had no problems. They wouldn’t let me book BOG and Cinderella’s for 11 - only a table of 6. I could book Crystal Palace etc for 11 for 180+10. You shouldn’t have any problem with your party of 6 for any restaurant!

thx @becksue77, that’s reassuring. I got nervous after I read your original post!