Making reservation with plans to modify

I have a total of 248 points available to me for my trip next April without borrowing because I have banked forward.

I am looking at making an 11-month booking at my home resort of OKW, with plans to probably modify that to a split stay at the 7-month mark. Depending on how and where I split I may need to borrow a handful of points, or perhaps just do the one-time purchase thing, but that’s a decision for another day. Right now, I my 248 points does not cover the full duration of the trip which will be a Fri-Sun 10day/9night stay, and since I don’t want to borrow in or one-time buy until/unless I have to, I am only going to book 7 of those nights right now. Would it be more important to book the front end of that stay (Fri-Thurs) or the back end of the stay (Mon-Sun)? Will it be easier to add the first days or the last?

Is this even clear? LOL

Can I check to make sure I know what you want? You want to book all 248 points now for April 2020? You are hoping to modify that booking at 7 months. At 7 months you will be hoping to book a total of 11 nights- so 4 extra nights? So you may modify the 7 nights to less? If so, I don’t think you will be able to book the other part of the split until 7 months? Unless- can you book 5/2 now and then modify both parts?

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Eh I guess I wasn’t that clear LOL Let me try again.

Vacation will be 4/24 - 5/3. Right now I can book 4/24-5/1 at OKW (home) because of what I have available to me points-wise without borrowing in.

At 7 months I will modify. Ideally, 5 nights AKL-Kidani preferably, and 4 nights in a studio TBD, which I should be able to do with my 248 points, no borrowing necessary.

But, if that split isn’t available, we will just stay at OKW, and will need to add the remaining 2 nights, borrowing in to make it happen.

Is it easier to add the front 2 nights or the back 2 nights. Or does it matter? Or does anyone know? In both cases they would be weekend nights, which I would imagine are more in demand.

We are talking a 1BR if that matters.

Maybe I’m overthinking this?

I think I just answered my own question. I think I will want to be assured of having a place to rest my head the night we want to arrive. We can add on later if need be, or worst case pay for a cash stay or even head home early.

My concern is if you book the 7 nights, and then modify down to 5 or 6- if there is not anything available at 7 months (since you cannot book both ends at once) you will be stuck. If you are committed to the split, split it now and modify both parts.

I wouldn’t modify down until/unless I knew there was availability. I think I’m missing something.

You won’t know if something will be available. Let me try again:

You have 7 nights booked. You modify that to 6 nights at AKL. You cannot book the second part of your split since it will be 6 days before it is 7 months from that stay- right? Hopefully something will be available ( end of April, early May seems like a great time) but you will have to wait 6 days to know.

Oh Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii see what you’re saying.

I guess I would book the first split - probably studio TBD as moving to 1BR would be nicer than moving to studio from 1BR. And I would modify the OKW to encompass the back end of the trip, holding that 5 night stay at OKW until I could see about the availability for a 1BR at AKL-Kidani

I am wondering if there is a special strategy- a version of walking?

I do think there is more availability at the time of year. I know suddenly there are Copper Creek 11 month studios.

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So if you’re interested in a split regardless, I would maybe suggest just waiting a bit in this 11-7 month window and not booking anything. I don’t think OKW will fill up and you can keep your eye on how AKL is looking. If that gets booked you can re-strategize, you know? I assume you’re worried about the SWGE “new normal” but you could theoretically pull the trigger on your 7 days at OKW at any time.

If things REALLY start to look hot, I would book towards the back end of the trip (because you’d have the advantage) and then you can book the first half wherever you see availability.

I assume you know, but you are probably better off borrowing if you can than getting OTU points if you are looking for something hard to get because you have to call to buy them over the phone and you lose an hour of booking time.