Making Genie+ rezzies before you arrive in FL?

We will be flying into Florida and then visiting Epcot after 5pm. Can I still make Genie+ reservations at 7am for a return time in the evening? And if so, that probably means I can stack them so when we get to Epcot we can ride a few rides?

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That’s what a lot of people have reported doing. The only problem is you have to wait until the return times for the Lightning Lanes are after your expected arrival time. If you are going to Epcot, Remy should get that late fairly quickly.

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Yes, you can make LL res starting at 7 am, but you can’t make a LL res until the LL time for that attraction reaches the time window you are looking for (ie you can’t pick your time like in the FP days). Remy will likely get there first. Then Frozen or Test Track.

Note: There have been some reports of extended grace periods of up to 90 minutes so in theory you could book something for an earlier time window and rely on the extended grace period, but this extended grace period is not a guaranty and could change at any time. Personally I would not take that chance, but I wanted to mention it.

Another Note: For ILL, you can choose your time so at 7 am you could try to book an ILL for GotG for after 5:00 pm.


And for ILLs you can ride at any time after your return time. There have been reports of people turning up hours afterwards and being allowed through.

Edit: or not. I think it’s a case of YMMV. Don’t bank on it, unless you can show you have a legit reason for being late.

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I’v heard that for virtual queue times, but not ILL. Is it true for ILL also?

Yes for ILLs.

Hopefully that won’t change but I doubt it would. Otherwise there would be even more people at GS looking for refunds due to a myriad of reasons why they were late.

Edit: now not so sure. Sorry.

It’s the other way around? You pick your time for ILLs so you can’t be late. There have been reports of up to 3 hours for LLs though.

Thanks everyone. I don’t know why but Genie+ feels so much more confusing than FP.

It’s not bad once you’re using it. It’s confusing in advance because you’re trying to think of every possibility.

I’m also confused about when I can book subsequent Genie+ rezzies. Park is open at 9am, with early entry we can do at 8:30. I book my first Genie+ at 7am, but when is the next time I can book something? Is it 11 (2 hours after park opening?) What if my first Genie + is a window of 9:30-10:30, once I use that can I book another even if it’s prior to 11?

11, unless you can use the one you booked at 7 before 11. In that case you can book another one as soon as you use it.


What @LTinNC82 said.

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I know people were getting return times different from what they thought they were getting. Some went to GS and got them changed but others went to the ride.

Now you’ve got me doubting myself. I’ll edit the previous post.

Sorry, another question. We are park hopping too. What if we don’t want to book any Genie+ ones at our first park, and save them for our second park. Can I do that, subject to the return times being after 2pm?


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Yes. Hopping in the afternoon to DHS works well with a plan like this since DHS tends to have more LLs that reach 2:00 pm LLs earlier in the day than the other parks.

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