Making FPP for other kids

I’m planning ahead here but have just got DSIL and family their own MDE account for a trip in 2017. They are all linked to my account as family and friends but show as “managed by DSIL”. I want to be able to make and change FPP for the whole group - will I be able to do that for people who are not managed by myself? If necessary I can log in thru her account too but that will be a pain for changing FPP while we are away etc. If I can’t book for the other family it may work better to put us all on one MDE account.

I know you can do this, because I managed the FPP for my parents when they had their own reservation and MDE account. I think first you have to have Disney or your TA link their reservations to yours. Then you should be able to have an option to manage theirs. I would have to call Disney to make sure, though.