Making FPP during MVMCP (or MNSSHP)

You can only have more than three regular FPs by using a dummy account for your party ticket.

And in order to book those party FPs at 60 days you would need to include the dummy profiles on the reservation. The umbrella system for booking FPs does not work for party tickets.

Got it. Thanks!

Yes and no. With the recent changes as long as one person with a party ticket is on the resort reservation, you can umbrella in the others!!! I was so excited to figure this out. My dear niece 4 has a twin sister in MDE now. She was added to our room only reservation. Adding a child did not increase our price. The dummy child has a party ticket and was able to umbrella in my dummy profiles for me and my SIL. Bam! FP at day 60 plus a few.

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Didn’t realise this, thanks for the update. And how lovely to have twin nieces. :grin:



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I was at party yesterday (they let us in about 3:40 by the way) and they have wrist band distribution points set throughout the park starting about 4 or 4:30 so you have to go to one of these to get band.