Making FPP during MVMCP (or MNSSHP)

Now that we’ve made our FPP for our November trip, I’d like to buy and link the tickets for our MVMCP.
I understand we may be able to make FPP for that.
Do I need a dummy account? And if so, how do we navigate that? I’m assuming without MBs?

Has anyone done something similar yet this year for MNSSHP?

No need for a dummy account if the party is your only park of the day. If you want to have party FPs and park FPs on the same day you will need a dummy account. You can buy will call party tickets on Undercover tourist and use the ticket card for everything. You would need to stop by the ticket booth in order to get the physical tickets.

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This is weird.
Bought tickets.
Properly linked.
It’s offering me all hours of the day for my FPP…
I just picked three between 4-7, though.
Will I have a problem?

It offered after 6?

I didn’t for MNSSHP this year. I was not able to previous years because I refused to create dummy accounts. I would pick FPP at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 if possible.

The system is not smart enough to restrict your FPs to only after 4pm, this is usual. 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 is a popular party FP timing choice.


No. I’m wrong. I have two.
4PM and 5:05PM.

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I opted for two quality FPP on party day. That was a benefit because it gave us time to share meals from different locations before the party really started. The family really enjoyed this part which we did last year without FPP.

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Adjusted for three. Two favorites (PP & Pooh) and ETWB in fantasyland before the party. This will allow us to take ETWB from our short day at MK.


Tagging in here. We will be in MK for a party day and stay for the party. Planning to put party tickets on a dummy account so I can book FP on there and not screw them up when I am modifying my regular ticket FPs. (I sometimes click through without looking and I’m afraid I’ll do that with my party FPs)
So, there are no real time restrictions on the FP linked to party ticket? If I am in park earlier on a regular ticket, can I modify my party linked FP to earlier in the day? Am I entitled to FP4+ on both tickets? I’m thinking it would be nice to start part FP around 3 if we are back in the park by then. And I could modify to squeeze in a few extras before the party starts?

Trying to understand this. If I am flying in on a party day for mvmcp and plan to just go to the party that day, I can make fast pass reservations if I have my party tickets? Obviously they would have to be for between 4 and 6pm. And this won’t mess up my 4 day PH passes and Fast passes for rest of the week?

Have 5-d PH.
Booked FPP on Friday.
Bought MVMCP on Friday afternoon and made three more FPP for that day (not going to a park that day).

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I’m going to drag up this old thread to ask another question. If I’m in MK earlier on my party day with a regular park ticket and have 3 FP+ booked, and I buy MVMCP tickets on dummy accounts and book 3 more FP+, would I need to go back to the tapstiles to activate the Party tickets to be able to use the FP+ booked on the party ticket?

I’m not sure if you can have six on a day regardless of ticket type.
@Nicky_S @PrincipalTinker do you know?

I always rely on @AuntB_luvsDisney or @Nicky_S

I asked this question a few weeks ago (also had a regular PH ticket and spent the day in the park with 3 FP pre-booked, and a MVMCP ticket on a dummy account with 3 FP booked before the party). I was told that I could just get a wristband from one of the spots in the park. However, I was walking around looking for one and ended up at the front of the park anyway so I exited and re-entered with my party ticket. It worked out also because the first treat station is at the main gate.



No. But at some point you will need to scan your party ticket and receive your party wristband.


And sometime between 6-7pm this would be pretty easy to do with cast members inside the park?

Yep! But do keep in mind to get in any of the special character lines you must have your wristband. So if you plan to line up early, get your band early!

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