Making FP+ (and ADR's) for 35 people - any tips/hints?

Our family has grown, LOL. 3 years ago I planned it all for 13 people - ADR’s and FP+'s. It took some tweaking but we got everything we needed… I used TP very much in my planning, and everyone loved following the customized touring plan, and enjoyed the ADR’s.

This year we are 35 people (10 rooms), so I am booking through a TA who got us a discount (they purchase room inventory cheap, and resell, I believe). I would like to keep control over both ADR’s and FP+'s (is that a even a good idea?). I am hoping for some help. As long as everyone is linked to me in MDE, I should be able to make FP+'s for all 35 at midnight at 180 days out, correct? And if I cannot get all 35 at once… do I think try smaller groups, say a dozen at a time?

With ADR’s, I know that I will have a more difficult time. I will call Raglan Road directly. I would love more input as to where else to try.

Thank you for any help, this is a huge responsibility for me, and I would love to get it right :slight_smile:

I should add: this groups trusts me and we will NOT be touring together, LOL. I will make all FP+'s, and then they can change them as they see fit (at least half will stay with what I recommend). We will only try to meet up at a few ADR’s. We will have the Standard Dining Plan with one table service a day. Thanks again!

ADRs are 180 days. FPP is 60 days. I don’t envy your task, but wish you all the luck…
Ragland Road is definitely a good choice… :grinning:

Oh yes, I got them backwards, thanks.

We had a party of 17 the last time we went and they all wanted to stay together! :frowning: Unfortunately we did not get a lot of things done! I would say you make ADR for all the party and then let them make their FP. That way they get what they like! You could make certain times that you are all together as a large group. Such as EP worlds. My family drank around the world together and shared the drinks instead of buying each one individually. Buffet Restaurants may be a good idea :slight_smile: Chef Mickey’s? Boma? One that really surprised me and my kids was Trail’s End :slight_smile: My son was allergic to eggs and he got a very special dessert that we all enjoyed :smile:

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Thank you! I cannot believe everyone wanted to stay together! In my group, I think 15-20 or so will want to stay together with my family, but because they will each have a touring plan (from me), the groups will naturally split up over the first few hours (as one child needs to use restroom, another family needs a snack, etc.), that is what happened last time, and since everyone expected it, it worked well. Thanks for the reminder, I will have to remember that phenomena.

I think you are right… I’d better just work on ADR’s, and just educate others on the FP’s.

My big question still lingers: how to set up MDE.

Should everyone be linked? It isn’t necessary for making ADR’s is it? I would LOVE to have all linked (so I can help out as necessary) but will that allow people to mess up other people’s FP+'s?

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You may want to connect them. Especially for memory maker.

So true. Forgot about MM. Darnit, this is just too convoluted.

Maybe I will just make 3 “sets” of FP+'s… those will tiny kids only, those with a mix of kiddos, and then adults only. That should hit the majority of our group. And if the FP+'s aren’t “perfect” - no one will EVER know. Combined with the (possibly imperfect) FP+'s and a solid touring plan (and the 1st week in December) they will all have a perfect time, and everybody’s situation will likely still be better planned than if I handed over reins to everyone.

Thanks again for your help!

For your ADR’s have outside of calling Raglan Road directly, have you thought about calling the Disney group booking people?

Thanks, I am going to try Group Dining. I did not know it existed!

Oh, and: is there a way to still do Memory Maker even though not linked on MDE? I am wondering how the MM “shares” do it - they certainly don’t link their MDE’s do they?

I sent you a message :smile:

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