Making Fast Pass selections for group of 80+

Hi all! I am going to MK with a large group, 80+ teenagers and adults and I have no idea how we go about making fast pass selections for so many. I would appreciate any tips or help you can give me as to where to even begin! We will be there in March and will only be in the MK for 1 day. Thanks so very much!

I would have the kids/adults divide up into groups based on ride preference (mild or roller coasters). Then group them together with FPP. Once the original 3 are done they can regroup and do whatever rides with what’s available at the kiosks.

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Yikes! There is no way you would all be able to stick together throughout the day, regardless of your original intentions. I would provide everyone with instructions on how to register for My Dis Experience and have them select their own Fast Passes. Along with the instructions, you can provide a map of the park and have them work with a couple of friends to map out a route and select FPs that work for them.
I would think that teens might find it a fun exercise to get together and plan their MK day with each other!

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Agree with the above; there is no way you could spend the day touring as a group IMHO, your “job” is to get them there in the AM and meet them at the end of the day; they’re on their own for making FPPs and ADRs. Show up at PoC and your group would fill 8-10 boats - 12-15 at Splash. Even CS; can you imagine how slow it would be if 80 showed up all at once at CHH or Pecos Bill’s? And just trying to maneuver a group that size through the walkways of the MK would be like trying to navigate the Rivers of America in an aircraft carrier…

Oh - we know that we can’t stay together and don’t even want to! That would be a nightmare…wouldn’t it! We were just wondering what the best way would be to get them started. Thank you for the suggestions so far! We need all the ideas we can get to make this the best day possible for everyone.