Making extra money for disney

I thought I would start a thread for tips and tricks for making a little extra money. I have been doing swagbucks for a few months now. I am not getting rich but I have enough for a few meals. Every little bit counts. I also just started perk tv. Not sure how that is going to do though


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I use before I shop online. Might as well get cash back for something I would normally buy.

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A written budget for each month helps us keep track of our spending and allows us to move some extra money to new goals as they come up. We have an annual vacation budget, but if we need some extra money in the vacation fund for a resort upgrade or something, we can usually find the money in the budget by cutting back on other expenses.

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My DH and I have a budget for everything in our household including Disney! We also have two small side jobs that bring in a few extra dollars (very helpful). My sister and I have decided to do a trip just the two of us so almost all of my monthly allowance is going towards that trip - which I think is completely worth it smile @emmyannttu my DH and I were just talking about Ebates - how does it work?

I do both swagbucks and mypoints. It helps for purchases before a trip or gift cards to use on the way.

I do ebates, sunshine rewards, and shopkick along with some other survey sites. I don't spend a lot of time on them, but I have made around $350 in the past year.

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I do an annual budget on my spreadsheet and plug in various costs of where I might want to stay and w/ different discounts. Then I divide that cost by how many pay days I have til balance due. Then I know how much I need to automatically transfer to savings each pay. I bought a coupon organizer & am having fun w it. Use SW Air shopping portal for points or ebates if that's a better deal. Buy dry goods in bulk & cook meals on wkends, freeze for weekdays, so I don't eat out as much. (Saves on calories too!) Buy Disney gift cards at Target w their 5% off using Red Card. I also leave home anyone who doesn't want to go each year (DH). HAHAHA


Nothing genius about my method. I just work more. I'm in healthcare, so I can pickup PRN work any time. I just have to work a lot to support my Disney addiction.

Glad to hear someone else has had good luck with Swagbucks. I used them last year to pay for all birthday presents and holiday gifts for the family.

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I have money moved to a special savings account at my credit union each payday. That is the only account I have there so it is not tied to my checking so I cannot easily move the money to spend elsewhere. Also, I save a little by making some of my own cleaners (glass, tub/shower) and all of my laundry soap/softener.

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We've had a lot of luck using the upgraded Disney Visa to get money together for trips. One year all of the meals on our trip were paid for by charging and paying off a new sump pump, for example. Now we just do "regular" bills, but we're usually able to have around $50-100 extra a month in fun money at Disney. For a regular weekend trip, if I'm on the ball, I swing by Target and use the red card debit card to buy Disney gift cards. It's only 5% off, but that 5% adds up over time!

Can anyone tell me how to convert swag bucks to disney cards? Can you use target gift cards to buy disney gift cards? TIA

I am Swag Bucking while I type! I started in February and will have enough moneybag for our family of four to eat at Sanaa and H&V.

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@michm418 I convert Swag Bucks to Target GCs, transfer the digital GCs on Swag Bucks to my Target online accounts under the GCs option, and then I pull up that barcode at Target when I purchase Disney GCs.

I just cash in for paypal. And then just stash it away for disney

Thank you!

I love perk TV and swagbucks! I get about $200 a month from perk and about $100 from SB and use all that towards disney.