Making double touring plans


I have made and tweaked all of my touring plans to follow a good order around the parks for our October holiday. Many hours have been put into this.

I was thinking today that it may be worth making the same plan again, for the same day… all exactly the same, dates, times etc… but to title the new plan “OPTIMISE”!!

This will give me the option to optimise this plan, and leave my existing plan alone… therefore, giving me the best of both worlds by choosing which one to do, rather than have the worry about accidentally optimising my existing plan, and then loosing all of my hard work and messing up my plan.

Has anyone else done this, or am I truly going mad :slight_smile:


Enjoying the most attractions in the shortest amount of time is key for us, so we optimize all the time: minimally every few attractions while touring.

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I did that. But I think I’m going mad, too! I still ended up preferring my customized plans.


There’s a “copy plan” option just for those of us who do this. Not crazy!


Oh OH, ***runs off in hurry to look at ‘copy plan’ :slight_smile: Thanks ! :slight_smile:


I do this.

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I will generally take a screenshot of my prepared TPs and place it on my cell phone’s lock screen for quick reference but use the Lines app to re-optimize while I’m there if I feel it’s necessary.


Putting it on your lock screen. Brilliant. Thank you.

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Is there a way to delete a plan that you don’t need anymore? I got a little carried away and can’t figure out how to delete the duplicates.

Open the plan. There’s a delete button near the top to the right of “Copy” and “Edit”.

ETA: Or go to your personalized plans list, and there’s a delete link next to each plan.