Making Disney Treats at Home (Tonga Toast)

I really want to try to make Tonga Toast at home. I did not get the chance to try it at Disney last time I was there. Does anyone have a recipe that they like to use? Good thing is I don’t exactly know what I’m missing lol.

I would also love to hear if anyone else makes any other Disney treats at home! I’m thinking this could be a cooking/baking weekend for me.

Missing Disney a lot and this would be so much fun!

Let me know! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is the recipe I tried. It was amazing. The hard part for me was finding the appropriate size and shaped sourdough loaf.

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Here are 2 links to the recipe. I look here at these if I am looking for a recipe for something at Disney World. I do hope it helps.

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