Making changes to DLP booking - do I have to call?

I’ve realized if I book my upcoming DLP trip through the France website and not the US website I save about $150 USD, and while I’m realllllly reluctant to deal with logistics that seems enough money to deal with the hassle. However, is it true that the only way to cancel my reservation is to call? And if I call, would they be able to just - switch my booking from the US deal to the France? Or will I have to get them to cancel it and then do the whole booking again?

I doubt they can switch it. They almost certainly won’t have access to each other’s deals in that way, in fact they may well not even be able to cancel and rebook.

I suspect you’ll have to cancel the US booking and then switch to the French site.

BUT first, have you checked the U.K. site? I’ve seen a lot of people recently say that our deals are the cheapest. A friend who lives in Switzerland cannot believe the price I paid for last week.

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Thanks for the tip! The UK site is a bit cheaper than I’ve currently got booked on the US, but not as cheap as France. Looks like I’ve got a phone call to make.

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Huh, I thought that would be a huge hassle but actually cancelling took two minutes, rebooking took two more, and now I’m $180USD richer!



So Disney IT can work when they try.

Who did you call, the US site or DLP direct?

I called this number I found on a DLP forum: 800-438-9876 that seems to be direct to DLP. (And an 800 number! Thanks, Disney, as a Canadian not given that option for calling WDW I really appreciate not having to pay long distance fees!)

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