Making an ADR for a friend

I am helping my sister-in-law with her WDW plans. She wasn’t able to find a BOG lunch ADR, but I was able to book one in my name. Is there a way to transfer the ADR to her or do I even need to? Thanks!

You certainly can try to coordinate a drop/add maneuver with her. This would require both of you to be logged into each of your MDE accounts simultaneously. She should be on the BOG page with a search for her date and time ready. When you cancel the reservation, she should IMMEDIATELY hit the search button; hopefully it will come up in her search and she can grab it.

Alternately she can simply check in with your name. This is the safer option. Safer still if you add her as a friend in MDE and add her to the reservation. If she fails to check in, be aware that YOU will be charged $10pp for a no-show.


ok! Thanks so much for the reply!

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Always happy to help :slight_smile:

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