Making Advanced Dining Reservations 180+10 days in advance

Apologies if this has been covered many times before. Our arrival date is August 20, so my 180 + 10 day window opens up tomorrow morning. I’m planning to be online at 6 am to make all my dining reservations, but want to make sure I am prepared. Am I correct that tomorrow morning, the website will show available times not just for August 20, but for 10 days beyond that as well? As of today, it only shows available times through August 19.

I seem to remember someone posting about setting things up in advance through different windows, etc. Does this mean I should have open the restaurant page for each restaurant I plan to reserve? Then tomorrow morning, I will pick the date and time for that restaurant, and click through the pages for who is in my party and payment info? The disney website also has my credit card info, etc. Is there anything more I can set up in advance?


In a perfect world, you would have everything correct here. Unfortunately, things are not perfect with the Disney site. My 180+10 opened last weekend, and I was all set to go at 6 AM Eastern, with a different tab set up on my search engine for each reservation I wanted. And although I could see those advanced dates on both the website and the app, it wouldn’t let me book. I kept getting the “Sorry for the Paws” message.

Now, this has been happening for a while, and as long as you are prepared to call right at 7, you will be fine. It sure is maddening to watch times disappear online - I assume someone, somewhere, might be having success at 6 AM or else times wouldn’t be disappearing. I tried it all, too - my iPad, my iphone, my laptop, the app, etc. Didn’t matter.

Good luck to you! This story ends well - I got every reservation that I wanted, at the times I wanted, even the pre park opening ones. So it didn’t matter for me, but 6 AM was a waste of time and energy.

It may help to make sure that your reservation is linked and you have a credit card saved to your profile too. If there is something you cannot find don’t panic- sometimes not all restaurants are loaded on time!

This is a copy of something I posted awhile ago…

Last night I got ready to make my ADRs (6am this morning)… I tried this strategy and it really helped. Thought I’d pass along what worked for me… I had 15 ADRs to make… I opened a WDW dining reservation browser window (under my Disney experience) for each one. I preloaded the future date, time, guests and restaurant for each one and started with my mist important reserv first (BOG, CRT)… Lined all the reservation windows up and ready to go for 6am. Also made sure cc info was up to date.
Started clicking at 5:57am… No luck until exactly 6:00am. Then just clicked my way thru all the windows. I hit a few sorry can’t find reservation at this time and thought I wouldn’t get those, but tried several times again and eventually got all the ADRs I wanted, at all the times I wanted. Was finished by 6:35am. Worked great!
Word of caution, double check reservations afterwards, one of my BOG dates got changed in processing by the computer to today’s date. Had to call WDW and cancel (no penalty… They were very understanding). Was able to get the correct date in the end. Now on to planning my touring plans…:star2::star2:


Back space out the date manually… Can’t use the WDW calendar. Enter the dates manually in proper format 04/09/2016 and you should be fine…

I hear you, @kjmollypup. This exact same thing happened to me 6 months ago. Thank goodness I got through on the Dining hotline right at 7am, and we got everything we wanted. Moral of the story: if MDE website isn’t working at 6am, WDW-DINE at 7am may be your only hope.


Just made my 180+10 reservations by using all of the GREAT advice on this site…and everything worked perfectly! Was able to get all 10 of my reservations at the times we wanted! It was a bit nerve-racking as it was my first time making reservations online…but so happy I woke up early! Best of luck tomorrow!!!

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Thank you all! I made my dining reservations this morning and got everything I wanted. I ran into a little hiccup when the website somehow didn’t recognize that I was already signed in to My Disney Experience (I’m pretty sure this was an issue with my web browser). So I opened a different web browser and signed in again. It took a little longer, but still no issue getting the times I wanted. We’re doing lots of character meals for breakfast before the park opens since (a) I think it is an efficient way to meet characters; (b) we love breakfast; and © with food allergies, I like the peace of mind rather than trying to grab and go. I’m hoping the timing works out so that we will be done with breakfast when the parks open.
This is what we have reserved:

Aug. 21: Magic Kingdom day
Cinderella’s Royal Table: 7:55 AM
Liberty Tree Tavern: 6:30 PM

Aug. 22: Epcot day
Garden Grill: 8:05 AM
Biergarten: 6:30 PM

Aug. 23: Hollywood Studios day
‘Ohana: 5:00 PM

Aug. 24: Rest Day
‘Ohana: 8:30 AM
Hoop De Doo: 4:00 PM

Aug. 25: Magic Kingdom day
Be Our Guest: 8:00 AM
Be Our Guest: 5:55 PM

Aug. 26: Animal Kingdom day
Tusker House: 8:00 AM
Yak & Yeti: 4:45 PM


Great job!

Looks like you are going to have a blast! Congratulations!!