Making ADRs

I need some help. Not sure if something is up with the Disney website or if it’s user error.

Anyway, I made a “dummy” room reservation to help get dining reservations at CRT and BOG. Our real trip is November 14. Dummy res is Nov 9-20. So I should be able to make dining reservations TODAY for the dummy res + 10, right? I’m trying for CRT on Nov 18, but the website keeps saying “We are unable to check for available tables at this time.”

Is the website just acting up? If nothing else this is good practice for me because Monday is 180 days before our trip and I don’t want to miss these reservations because I don’t know what I’m doing.

Did you try calling? They might have better insight, because this looks to be within the window

That is a common error statement when making ADRs.

I just logged in (3:35 Central Time) and went to make an ADR and it was working fine; OBTW, LOTs of good ADRs available for 29 May…

I believe the +10 is actually, 180 + the rest of your stay, up to 10. Meaning, a one night stay would only allow 180 day ADRs, a five night booking would allow 180 + 4, etc.

I’ve never booked ADRs 180 + (longer than my stay) so I don’t know for sure.

I am pretty sure that you are correct - it’s 180 days plus length of stay. If you’re there for 10 days, it’s 180+10; if you’re there for 3 days, it’s 180+3.

I wish you good luck on your ADRs but am disappointed that lots of people use dummy reservations to get sought after ADRs ahead of time. We just had our date for Nov and could not get some ones we wanted.

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Well, if it makes you feel any better I wasn’t able to get it to work so I canceled the dummy res and I’m just going to try tomorrow for the real reservation. Believe me, I’d rather everyone just play fair and wait until their true 180 days. This is our first- and maybe only- trip, so I’m just trying to fit in all the big stuff. Unfortunately it seems impossible unless you know a trick.

Anyway, good luck with your reservations too- I hope there are openings that you are able to get.

Ive been having this same issue for the last 3 days. My 180+ date opened up Sunday Morning, but not able to make anything past 180 actual days, even though the dates go blue on the website - same as what you seem to be seeing. That being said, I called at 7am and made all my important reservations over the phone with no issue, and am casually dealing with the less difficult ones online as the days open up online. Hope you have better luck, but I highly recommend calling!

It finally started working online at 6:20am or so on my 180th day, so I was able to make all our reservations. Some of the times weren’t ideal, but workable. I was pretty happy with it.

That is, until I called Disney and they told me I needed to include my infant in the reservations. Every single reservation I made was for 6 people when it should have been for 7. I almost started crying on the phone. :frowning: The cast member was able to modify 2 of them and the rest I will just have to call back about. So much for having the reservations done and out of the way. :confused:

Tagging on here about details on 180+ ADRs if I can. I’m at T-183 days, so about to make reservations for a 10 day stay. Online right now obviously I can only see available dates for up to 180 days as my hotel reservation isn’t in the 180 day window. When I go online at 4am MDT (ugh!) at T-180 days for my hotel reservation, will the days beyond 180 days suddenly show up on the ADR website? I have our hotel reservations loaded into MyDisneyExperience. Just trying to avoid a surprise during the critical minutes for a tough-to-get V&A reservation. I have one shot at this, so trying to make sure I don’t make a dumb mistake and blow it. Thanks in advance.

Yes. The length of your stay will be highlighted starting at 4am your time and you’ll be able to make reservations for any of those days. If for some reason only the first day shows up, make sure you are signed in and try again.

Good luck! :smile:

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