Making ADR's in a week and need feedback

We are heading back to Disney for the first time since 2010. We have a few must do’s: Chef Mickey’s Breakfast, Crystal Palace Breakfast and normally we would do LTT, but they will be closed for refurb.

So this is my list so far.

Arrival day - Sat - T-Rex Dinner. This is DS1 request and is not negotialble.
Sun - Dinner at Boma
Monday- Early Breakfast at Chef Mickey, Dinner at BOG DD’s only request
Tuesday - Dinner at Biergarten _ DH’s only request
Wednesday - Dinner at Boatwrights - this is our resort/rest day. DD and I may do afternoon tea at Grand Floridian
Thursday - Pre park opening at Crystal Palace
Friday- Dinner at Trails End

I think we are ok, but any insight/feedback would be appreciated.

Those are all pretty safe bets. T-Rex is loud and the food gets mixed reviews but the atmosphere gets a 10, and if he really wants to do it it should be fine. Just make sure he isn’t likely to get scared easily. Sounds like a pretty good plan overall.

My only comment would be to make Biergarten a lunch, rather than a dinner.

Oh, and since Thursday is EMH for MK in the morning on Thursday, how early is a pre-opening Crystal Palace? You waking up at 5am to make a 7am reservation? Or is it at 8am and you’re going to forfeit all that sweet EMH time?

It is not showing as an EMH morning though. That was one of the reason’s we picked it on a Thursday. It is a MNSSHP night and not listed (at least so far) as a EMH morning at MK.

I’m one of the TREX naysayers (I had a poor enough experience that I’ll never eat there again unless I hear about dramatic changes), but since you’re going there I suggest purchasing a membership in the Landry’s Select program. It costs $25, but you immediately receive a $25 credit for your next meal, so buy it in advance and it’s a free membership. The card provides much shorter waits, even if you already have an ADR. The one time it might not make sense is if you’re using the Disney Dining Plan, in which case you won’t be able to use your $25 credit. However, if there’s a local Rainforest Cafe or other Landry’s restaurant that you visit, then the club makes sense for those establishments, too.

Otherwise, it sounds like some good choices. You’ll probably want to try for the pre-opening Crystal Palace and BoG dinner reservations first, then Chef Mickey’s before making the other less hard to get reservations.

DS 1 or is there a number missing? I find it hard to believe that a 1YO could make a specific dining request :slight_smile: For a teen, T-Rex will be a lot of fun. For a 1 YO, I think the experience would be too overwhelming…

BG is probably my favorite TS in the parks, but I agree with lunch vice dinner. The price difference is considerable, and I don’t think the few additional items are really worth it.

My ds2 did enjoy trex but refused to go in the ice cave… It was too much! I might suggest an early trex dinner time, we did a 5 on a sat in oct and it worked out great… By the time we got seated, ate, played in dig site and shopped it was prob about a 2.5 hr dinner!!! And when we (finally) :wink: left the line and amount of people out front was crazy!!!

I have 2 DS. DS1 is 9 and DS2 is 15 months. :wink: We have been to T-Rex before, so I know all about the noise and thunder/lightening. If it is too much for DS2, I will take him out.

We are on the DDP, but will be paying for T-Rex oop, so I will look into the Landry’s card. Thanks!

Any reason why the suggestions for lunch over dinner at BG? DH is really looking forward to this one and I thought the show would be fun for the kids. It was my understanding that the show is only done during dinner hours. Am I wrong?

The show starts around noon i think and runs several times throughout the day. You can find the times on Most people prefer lunch to dinner simply because it’s quite a bit less expensive for nearly identical food, but with DDP that won’t really matter. I would suggest finding an off normal time to eat though as the lines at the buffet can be really long when it’s full.

If I was on the DDP I WOULD do dinner; for the same “price” the extra food items are “nice to have” - but for OOP, lunch is a much better deal. The band plays throughout the day, but they don’t start right at the beginning of lunch, and do not play all the way until closing. They play a 20-25 minute “set”, take about a half hour break, and then play the next set. The sets alternate, so if you see two shows in a row, they will be different. But as @Outer1 said, I recommend checking the show schedule.