Making ADRs for group of 15

Can someone offer advice on making ADRs for a group of 15? I’m specifically looking for Ohana and CRT (a long-shot, I’m gussing!) Can they even be made for parties that large? I keep seeing “party too large” when I look online. If you call can you get an ADR for 15 or is it better to try for a group of 7 and a group of 8 at roughly the same time? Any advice appreciated!! Thanks!

You should be able to if you call. But if there is none available that’s when you can try to split your party into two ADR’s with slightly offset times. Have your whole party show up early and see if they can accommodate you all together or nearby.

Different restaurants have different large party limits and you have to call the place directly to book once your party reaches that limit. But you can’t book those on the plus 10 and at 180 days out no one will be there to answer the phone till a few hours after you could book online so your best bet is to split your party into smaller groups and book online. Most places are going to split up a group that big anyway into smaller tables near each other anyway.

I was able to book party of 14 for Ohana and a few others online.

Thanks for the help! ADR day is approaching so fingers are crossed!