Making ADRs for a longer trip

Hello all you smart people!

I have a question to make sure I understand correctly. I am doing a 14 night trip that is a split stay, and I want to make sure I understand when I can make ADRs. Will you please correct me if I’m wrong.

Resort 1: nights 1-11
Resort 2: nights 12-14

So, I think I can make ADRs for Resort 1 on two consecutive days. The first would be for days 1-10 and the second would be for day 11. And then I need to wait for 60 days out for resort 2 and can make ADRs for days 12-14. Is this correct?


Since Day 12 is a checkout day of resort 1, then you could book that on the third consecutive day. And then be left with just 2 days to make.

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In the past sometimes if you called, Disney would make all the ADRs for split stays.

It’s always worth a try.

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Thank you. Yes, that makes sense.

Definitely. Thank you for the tip!