Making ADR's after 180 mark

So we booked our trip in May a few days ago. “Yay” for our trip, but “Boo” for not getting our trip booked earlier than 180 days out. My family is desperately wanting to go to BOG, but it is booked solid for dinner. My question is, do you find it easier to get a reservation to BOG (and other highly desired ADR’s) the week before your trip? I had a friend tell me that several people start cancelling the week of. Is that your experience?

@cbmom720 I have had some success the week before. It has been kind of hit or miss for me. IF you are willing to pay $10, someone here showed me ADR Sniper at Set up a free, regular account and for a $10 fee they will watch for an ADR during a specified time period (up to 10 days.) Several folks say it works well but you have to be able to drop everything and book when it finds something.

I may try it if I run into a BOG situation because that has become the must have ADR with DW.


There are a few times when people start canceling (supposedly)- 45 days out (the due date for package payments), and the week of/24 hours beforehand (the cutoff for the $10 per person no-show fee). I’d definitely keep trying and checking, even when you arrive. A few families (especially parties of 2, 4, or 6) have luck getting reservations day-of by going to the BOG check-in desk.

Like @NeedaTurkeyLeg said, ADR Sniper works well for some people. Just make sure you book directly through your phone/immediately when you get the alert.

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Honestly, it it’s a must do for your family, I’d just check every day. We got it on our last trip because my mom and I both checked at least twice a day each. I’d check in the morning and right before bed, she’d check on her lunch break and after work. We also snagged 'Ohana that way.

Lots of good tips here, and just as an FYI when we went in November I had us booked at BoG for 5:15 which was early but was the only time I could get. The day before when we were driving down I checked to see if anything had opened up and there were actually several different times available and we moved it to 6:30. Don’t give up hope, I’m sure you’ll be able to get in one way or another.

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We were able to get a table 2 days out. I just happened to check first thing in the morning while at the resort. Don’t give up!

Don’t give up. Just keep checking. The only two times I’ve been to BOG for dinner I did not make the ADR 180 days out. The first trip I got it about 2 months out and the second, about 2 weeks out. Keep checking here and on chat too because often liners will post if they are cancelling an ADR. Good luck!

My one question would be how big is your party though? If it is a big party you will run into trouble, unfortunately.

Another thing some people do (no firsthand experience) is stop there early on the day of – I heard that produces results.

Good luck!

have you tried calling rather than checking the MDE?
It didn’t open up all of my days at 180 so I just phoned and she made 10 days worth on the phone.
Might be easier just to give them the dates and they can tell you what day there is an opening.
fingers crossed you get one.

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@Quattro is right. I’ve had a good deal of luck getting things that were “unavailable” by calling and talking to live people. You might give that a shot, too.

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I had the opposite experience. I was trying to book CRT for dinner on a particular date with a CM on the phone. She told me that there was only a lunch time available. I happened to be online at the time, so I checked the site too, and the site showed me a dinner time that was open. I questioned her about it, and she said that the site is probably right and I should grab it.

So it doesn’t hurt to check both online and on the phone just to be on the safe side.

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