Making a plan for 9 days over spring break

I need to finish my TPs and add more EPCOT and downtime into my schedule. I moved a bunch of meals around and my TPs are all a mess as well as my FPP. What is your best advice for my tentative plans?

. Arrival day: Arrive at MCO at 9:30am, so I planned to do lunch & pool time at Port Orleans French Quarter, then AK 2-7, no plans after that.

Day 2. EPCOT w/PreRD at Garden Grill all day, break for lunch/pool/resort break, possible EMH @EPCOT.

Day 3. Sea World all day.

Day 4. We move to Polynesian resort at some time. I have FPP for first thing in the morning. We have parasailing at the Contempory Resort at 1pm. I was thinking of checking in after that. HDDR is at 8:30pm. MK is open until 12am. Should we sleep in and go to MK after HDDR? Or not do any park this day and go from Sea World to MK Wednesday night as it is open until 2am.

Day 5. Hollywood Studios day. DD11 wants to do Jedi Academy as we have never done it in 9 years of trips. We have dinner reservations 5:45pm at H & V with Minnie for Fantasmic seats.

Day 6. I can’t seem to make a plan for Saturday. Kids want to get to a waterpark so I thought we might go on this day. I have a 7:50 BoG ADR and 10:30 Crystal Palace ADR and MK FPP that would fit in after CP. Not really sure I want to go to either of those meals. We are definitely going to 1900 Park Fare but I’m not sure what time. I have a 4pm and a 7:40pm ADR there. I need to remove some of these ADRs and make a plan. Should we go to the 4pm PF dinner and then go to EPCOT?

Day 7. Easter Sunday. I have lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern at 3pm and FPP after that including Wishes.

Day 8. Looks like it’s going to be busy everywhere on this day so I was thinking Water Park and then I don’t know, but I have FPP for late evening at MK and dinner or dessert at California Grill at 9pm. I have changed this date most of all.

Day 9. Departure day. Flight is around 7pm so I am expecting a 3-4pm DME departure time. I have a BoG breakfast at 7:40 and 9:30 breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe with morning FPP at MK. This needs some reworking. I also need to get to Disney Springs at some point because my DDs have money to burn and a need for Ghiradelli ice cream.

My DDs need to find time for the pools, the water parks and some free time to wander during this trip.

If you’re looking to add more Epcot time, what about RD on Easter Sunday? You’ll have to get there stupid-early, but if you’re at the front of the pack, you’ll get on Soarin’ you might manage Test Track without a disaster of a wait. Then a few smaller attractions in FW until WS opens. Wander there, enjoy shows, eat there. The food boths at F&G are really really great! Cancel LTT, but hop to MK to take advantage of the FPs.

With Soarin’ closed, things are a little more complicated. Everyone will be heading to just one place for an Epcot RD. But if you have a FP for TT earlier or later in the week, it might be a good time to get the smaller FW attractions done…

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I don’t have a ton of advice but here’s my .02 lol.

I wouldn’t plan much on arrival day. People react differently to travel and you may find that while everyone is excited and ready to go they over tire themselves and spend the next several days sluggish trying to catch up.

Your hotel move will be simple. Just call bell services and let them know that you’re transferring to Poly. They can either come pick up your bags or you can take them down there. You do need to go to the desk and fully check out so there is no problem checking you in at Poly. It’ll take a few hours before your bags make it over but basically whenever you’re ready you just go check in and ask bell services to bring your bags up. You may not even have to check-in at the desk if you get the room ready text. I love late nights at MK but if you want to do Jedi Academy the next day I wouldn’t recommend it because you’ll need to be there very early to get a spot. Seaworld probably won’t take the whole day so maybe go back for an afternoon nap and late dinner then do late night at MK that night. I love how much cooler it is and how much emptier the park gets the later it gets.

For your Saturday I’d keep the CP and that way you can sleep in, which you’ll likely need at that point. Do your FPP’s after that and maybe see what’s available for a 4th. But take it easy don’t rush from point to point. Maybe take a bus to DS and do a little shopping and snacks down there, then take the bus back to Poly for a little rest before you take the monorail over to GF for 1900 PF. If you think you’ll be bored you could take the early dinner and then head tot he park or if you want something a bit more relaxed head over to the Chip and Dale Campfire and movie at FW.

If the CL’s are all looking high on day 8 i’d save the water park for this. Plus you’ll have reasonably more refreshed and less exhausted family for your travel day home. It’s such an easy day for meltdowns when everyone is exhausted to their max. BTW Dinner at California grill was one of the best meals I’ve had. The service was good and the food was amazing. We loved watching the fireworks from the roof.

DME will depart 3 hours before your flight so right around 4. Maybe make this the easiest going day and play it by ear. Keep the FPP in case anyone wants a last ride or just head to DS for some down time and ice cream before you head home.

I now realize I went on for a ton and a half of advice lol


Thanks @Outer1, @prestoncaldwell, @theredhead for you advice. I didn’t even think of EPCOT on Easter Sunday. @Outer1 my DH will appreciate your sleeping in day, as I known to torture him with 5 am wake ups in Disney. The Chip and Dale Campfire will be perfect for my girls.


If you decide to go bring a little cash for the Smores kits they sell. It’s one of the few places you can’t use a card. The movie is immediately after the campfire in the same place.

Good to know. Do they serve any adult beverages there? I have a feeling that my lovely hubby will be asleep shortly after finding a seat in the dark. I will be need of something to keep me going, lol.

No not that I’m aware of. But you might be able to grab some beers/wine from one of the resort stores to bring along.