Making a monorail circuit after MK

While I was wondering about what to do after leaving MK at 6PM on a party day @NoCapes suggested a loop to the monorail resorts to see Christmas stuff and grab dinner. There were a lot of other great suggestions, too, but I think this will work our best for my group.

Now I need some help!

My van will be parked at TTC.
How do I exit MK?
Can I leave my car at TTC and start our adventure from MK exit?
What order will the resorts be in the loop?
Can I re-board from each resort to head to the next one even though I’m not a guest of any of them?

Thank you so much.
Also - what QS along the way do you all like?

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Contemporary, then TTC, Poly, and Grand Floridian.

Yes. Anyone can ride the Resort monorail. Generally you wouldn’t simply because it takes longer than the Express to get from MK to TTC because of the additional stops.

Same as always, just head toward the Resort Monorail instead of the Express.

Yes. Just loop around, and then after Grand Floridian, you can just take the monorail all the way back around to the TTC when you are done.

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Oh. One word of caution/advice. If you are trying to use the resort monorail around the time people are mass-exiting MK, a lot of people fill up the Resort monorail just to get to the TTC. If you are at the Contemporary trying to board the Resort monorail at this time, you might find that it is full, with no room left to board! I’ve always felt sorry for the Contemporary guests during this time period when they are trying to leave the resort via monorail! So my advice is to try to be OUT of the Contemporary well before, or well after closing of MK! So, you MIGHT want to board the resort monorail at MK and then take it all the way around to the Poly first, then GF, and finally Contemporary before heading to TTC to leave if the timing is better in terms of crowds.


You can also just walk to the Contemporary.

And after the Grand Floridian you can either take the monorail all the way back around, or get off at MK and take the boat to TTC.


One word of caution, unless things have changed, when I was there a year ago, security and bag check were performed at the resorts prior to boarding the monorail. If you have a stroller or bags this can be kind of a pain.

Hopefully they’ve changed this, but I don’t think they have.

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I would walk to the CR, take the monorail to Poly, walk to GF, and then decide if you want to walk back to the TTC or do the monorail from GF.


If the resort launches aren’t too busy, you could also go to Poly by boat, walk to GF and monorail to CR, then monorail to TTC.

We ate a few meals at Captain Cook’s - Bacon Angus Burger better than expected, Hawaiian flatbread good, Pork Nachos really good. Didn’t find a dessert to rave about here. Had Kona sushi in the restaurant and it was really good but didn’t have it as takeout. Really liked the baked goods at Contempo Café. Didn’t eat at the QS in GF.

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I ate at at the Gasparilla Grill in August. It had a couple of unique items.

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So the BEST way to tour the resorts is to go to Contemporary first.
Unless I want to go to Poly first.
Or maybe GF first?
And I should walk.
Or use the ferries.
Unless I definitely go via the monorail?

But not busses.

Um. Thank you for clearing this up!!!



If you REALLY want to include buses I think we can make it work.

As you leave, take a bus from MK to DS. Then, take another bus from DS to the Polynesian.

Or maybe walk to Contemporary, tour the resort, then take a bus from Contemporary to HS, and then a bus from HS back to the Poly or GF.

I’m sure there are myriad of other options. Just let us know what you want to do EXACTLY first, and then we’ll tell you to do that! :wink:

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I feel a transportation challenge coming on.

Ferry to TTC. Monorail to Epcot. Friendship boat to HS. Skyliner to CBR. Bus to AK. Enter park and take train to Conservation Station (only train option right now as far as I’m aware). Minnie Van to WL. Boat to Contemp.

Did I miss anything?

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No, no. You have this one wrong. Skyliner to a spot above the water, get stuck, and then have a rescue barge come and ferry you back. :wink:

I want to eat at the second of three stops and eat desserts at the third.

Does that make it clearer?


I think it depends on how you prefer to get from one location to another. If given a choice, I would always walk.

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Having never stayed in any of them I didn’t realize they were walkable. This appeals to me. :+1:

Just don’t eat on the monorail

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Some, some aren’t.

You can walk from MK to Contemporary, but you can’t walk from Contemporary to the TTC.

You can walk between the TTC, Poly, and GF, but you can’t walk to MK from Poly or GF (at least, not yet!).

If it was me I would get baked goods for dessert at Contempo Café at CR. Unless you are a dole whip person (I’m not, but they are good), then you might want dessert at Pineapple Lanai at the Poly. I don’t recall hearing of anything indulgent at GF, although there probably is something.

I KNEW I missed something. Rescue barge. Check!

For fun I made this little map. Let me know if I messed anything up. :slight_smile:

Note that the monorail does not stop at Wilderness Lodge but it does have a ferry to MK.