Making a 2 day touring plan

How do you plan your 2 day touring in plans for a given park? Do you split up the shows between the days? Split up days into areas/lands of the park? Do favorites on both days and just fill the rest in?

We will be spending 2 days at MK, AK and HS. 1 day at Epcot. (yes I know people say Epcot can easily be a 2 day park, but we did a 1/2 day last time and are doing a full day this time because of the new rides.

We do favourites both days and fill the rest in.


You can’t rope drop/EE all of the favorites/headliners except in rare circumstances. You are rope dropping, right? Or, maybe using Genie+? What season are you going in?

I split the park.

Epcot I split it west and east so there are some rides and some world showcase both days. SE usually gets duplicated, maybe Soarin.

MK I split it as I feel like it on the day. This is probably the park that changes most. And since we sometimes just go in the evenings on a whim, that’s when we re-ride favourites.

DHS I am splitting into Star Wars plus maybe Indy one day and the rest on the next day. But DHS will definitely get a third day which will mostly be Star Wars again plus MMRR.

AK is the one most likely that we’ll re-ride and then the rest we’ll fill in with trails and shows.


MK is nearly always Adventureland and Frontierland one morning.

Another day’s evening would be Fantasyland with possibly a bit of Tomorrowland.

HS is mostly one day.

AK is probably highlights on two days

Epcot used to be every evening with a FutureWorld pavilion and a couple of pavilions in World Showcase. Lately we’ve been changing it up some but still not doing all of one area on one day. If all of WS opens we’ll have to experiment some.

Ditto. I’m a splitter. Generally headliners are in different areas making it easier to ride them all this way without having to do long lines at all. And less walking.

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