Making a 2 day plan

Can someone tell me the best way to go about making a plan that would take into account visiting Magic Kingdom two days out of our 5-day trip? Just would like to be able to separate the two days with repeating the great rides but maybe also having different things thrown in around them instead of trying to do it all both days! Thanks!

I guess I would create two personalized TPs. Are you looking at the two-day plans and wondering how to add the repeating attractions?

There are pre-made two day plans that you can customize to your liking. Who do you have in your party (kids, ages?) that will help determine which plan to start with as your baseline.

I planned 2 days at MK for our upcoming trip. My plan is to hit all the must do rides on day 1 by using morning magic hour (7 am) until 10 am with 3 FPs after that. Then, take a break or do less popular rides in the afternoon. Day 2, I plan for us to hit anything we want to do again and some quieter activities like Tom Sawyer Island and Liberty Square Riverboat.

That said, I thought about splitting the park up by lands and hitting 2-3 one day and 2-3 the other day. Once we had a 7 am magic hour, I figured we could tackle everything major on day 1 so I changed my plan.

May depend on your kids. Mine are 11 and 9 so we’re skipping Barnstormer, Dumbo, etc, and they have no interest in meet & greets so that gave me more flexibility.

We are not staying on park so I guess we cannot use the extra magic hours, correct? This is our first trip to DW and we have three boys, 11, 9, 6. The six year old will be more interested in the rides that his bothers are doing and all of our kids are HUGE so they can pretty much ride anything. It will be five of use total, my wife and I and the boys. I saw the 2 day plans but still trying to figure the whole thing out. Was trying to figure out how to add the pre-made plan and then customize it and use the evalutate/optimize feature. I really appreciate the replies! Thank you!

Yes, if you are not staying onsite you do not have access to EMHs. I would start with a TP, maybe Tweens and Parents Plan, copy it twice, and make your changes to each day.

I do think @brklinck is the expert here!

Awesome! Thanks for the info! Still trying to figure out all the ins and outs and fastpasses etc… Lot of planning! Just don’t want to wander around aimlessly!

I like the personalized plans. They’re very flexible. I suggest looking through the list of MK attractions and making a list of everything you’ll be interested in doing. Maybe add a star next to the ones you’d like to do twice. Look at a map and see if there’s a natural division for your list. You’ll do less walking if you divide your list by land/area.

There are things in each area of the park that will have long lines mid-day and short lines in the early or late hours, and there are also things in each area of the park that have shorter lines most of the day. You’ll want a good mix of both for each day. You’ll see which attractions are in each category once you make a personalized touring plan.

Make two personalized plans, one for each day. Plug in half of your choices - preferably ones that are clustered over half of the map. Click optimize to see what happens. It will probably have you hit the super popular ones early or late in the day and then walk back through the same areas to pick up the shows with huge seating areas or less popular ones during the busy times. Do the same for the second day with the other half of your list.

If you find that there are big gaps or breaks in your plan, then add more attractions. Add the things you want to repeat. Move things that don’t seem logical to you. Fiddle with the walking speed and the other settings until you have something you like. You can use evaluate to see how your changes affect the plan, or use optimize to let the computer do it for you. Just ask if you get stuck!


Thanks for the endorsement @PrincipalTinker, but I think that @SallyEppcot pretty much said it all. Two day plans are more an art than a science, and after optimization if you end up with something that looks good to you then you are all set!