MAJOR ticketing error issue...looking for input

Hello TP Peeps! I’m wondering if anyone can give me input on the best way to handle, what looks like, to be a massive ticketing error (I believe on WDWs part). I’ll try to get to the gist of it as quickly as possible.

Oct '18 purchased 8-Day PH Tickets for self, DH, and DD (7) to use this coming (then Oct.25-Nov. 3rd now Oct. 23-Nov. 2nd Birthday trip).
Feb 6th linked the above mentioned tickets to our MDE
Feb 23rd made a last-minute decision to travel to Orlando following our 5-night DCL out of Miami and purchased a 1-Day PH Ticket to be used at MK on March 14th and linked those the same day to our MDE
Mar 13th went to TTC with confirmation printout and picked up our KTTW cards for our 1-Day pass to MK.
Mar 18th purchased MNSSHP tickets via WDW site and linked them to our account
April 2nd adjusted travel itinerary to current itinerary of Oct. 23-Nov. 2nd travel dates and went into MDE to confirm the adjustment and noticed that our 8-day PH passes were not showing up

So that’s the quick run-down of background info. This morning I jumped on a chat with a CM to explain the situation and see what was going on, and she said that all of my reservation numbers, etc. were correct, but that my passes had expired. Essentially, they used the 8-day pass for our 1-day date-specific trip instead of (or in addition to??? as it’s not showing up either) our 1-day, despite me bringing my confirmation number for the one day when we picked up the tickets. The CM discussed my “options” for me to consider:

  1. Contact Undercover Tourist and explain the situation
  2. Contact Guest Services and explain the situation
  3. Contact VIP Passholders Team to see if they can upgrade my tickets if I’m planning to return at all in the year.

Has anyone esle run into this bizarre situation and if so, what did you do? Any advice? I feel distressed and sick to my stomach at this point! TIA :anguished:

I have heard of this happening before, and I believe that it was resolved by calling Guest Services. I don’t think that UT will be much help, as they have no control over what happens to tickets once registered in the WDW system.

If the first CM you speak to isn’t helpful, just HUCA - Hang Up and Call Again. Some CMs are more “magical” than others.


Oh dear. I suppose the good news is that because of magic bands they will be able to ‘track’ when you entered the park(s), which hopefully will make the mistake easier to rectify. Good luck and I hope that you find an helpful CM.


Thank you @brklinck and @Welsh_Dragon! I had to go through 3 different departments to get connected with the correct CM, but thankfully they took care of it and added an extra PH day for all of us to boot! Whew! I feel like I can breathe now! :slight_smile:


Good news indeed.

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