Major changes for BOG

KTP posted this. No more breakfast at BOG. TS for lunch and dinner only. Sigh. We loved PPO at BOG.

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@Randall1028’s heart is breaking right now. I can hear it.


BoG Onion soup… how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
Still available at TS though so I’m happy.

Do you think they’ll have BoG juice??

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Permanent change or COVID change?

Seems like a waste of space to not have a restaurant at MK packed from 8 to 10 each day?

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Well, the changes are posted on Disney’s website for BOG. New menu and pricing. Seems like it will be around awhile.

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but it’ll be back. Eventually. It’ll be back.



It’ll be back.


It seems like they have determined that TS are better to have open than QS. Without the dining plan it seems a little off to spend $67 for an adult for lunch there with maybe no character interaction. I mean that PPO advantage was great for us on our trip so I do hope they bring back the QS breakfast at least.

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I also think that maybe they feel that with the capacity restrictions, the TS restaurants won’t actually be packed?

Well in BOG’s case…it does make sense. The whole thing where you stood in line in the beginning cause their system stinks… then there’s the free-for-all for drinks and silverware.

I hope this isn’t permanent, otherwise we won’t be eating there again. $60ish for food I wouldn’t like. No thanks. We really enjoyed lunch. Such a shame.

Ughhhhhh! I liked their lunch! Not a fan of the heavy pre fixe menu.

Wish it was a TS with their other lunch menu. I did not like the line and having to find a table part.

Bummer. Hoping some changes before our return!

$37 for kids’ lunch for food my kid will not even finish. Ummm nope!

Ok, can cross that off the list of places to eat. Glad we have eaten there in the past!

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67 bucks??? I don’t love you that much onion soup…