Maingate COVID testing experiences?

Apologies if someone has already posted about this, I couldn’t find anything.

I’m hoping someone has recent experience with the Maingate testing facility. The guidelines are confusing to me, as it indicates it’s open to “residents”. The website is very vague about how it works. Can anyone go get a test, or do you have to be a Florida resident? And are they doing the PCR tests or the rapid tests? Can we Uber there or do we need to rent a car? Can we make an appointment or is it walk in only?

Coming from NY (maybe, a big maybe at this point but we’ve already rescheduled twice) and Cuomo changed the rules yet again. (!) Right now, we have to get tested 72 hours prior to returning to NY, then quarantine at home for 3 days and on the 4th day get tested again. I don’t believe we need the PCR test to get back into NY, but DS13 school does require the PCR test before he can go back. (He is only in person two days a week so he will have to attend remotely for a couple days, but it’s not tragic since half the class is remote on any given day anyway.) It’s unnecessarily complicated, but I’m trying to figure out when we need to do all these things and what kind of test is acceptable.

Our trip is Thursday to Tuesday, so I think we need to get tested at the Maingate on Sunday, and again at home the following Saturday. Almost not worth the hassle. Almost!

the third sentence reads, " Testing is free and available for all residents ages 2 and up."
I would think this means only FL residents.

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I saw that. Seemed unclear if that was a deliberate word choice or just poorly defined. Was hoping someone from NY had advice on how they handled the testing requirement. Especially without a car going to a testing site further away is intimidating and exceptionally confusing.

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I understand, I wish I could be more helpful. Hopefully someone else will chime in w/ better intel.

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If you were a rule follower you wouldn’t be going to Disney World now so here I am to formally give you the internet permission you are looking for: you dont have to do do jack. What is the State going to do - arrest you? You live in America not China think about that.

Enjoy your trip and safe return home, kindly give my disregards to the wanna be police state of NY!


I know I saw a few post about this and saw this on Facebook this morning

Yesterday I looked through over 600 chat threads because I knew there was a report within the last 10 days that was very similar to this. This was posted yesterday .


Really? :roll_eyes:


Thank you @PrincipalTinker! Exactly what I was looking for. Very helpful.