Main Street Vehicles

Hi, everybody! I've always heard that you can take a ride on the Main St vehicles, I've seen it in videos, but somehow when I'm in MK in person I never see this happening. Have you guys ever been on them? Was it fun? How did you know you could board?

Yes. They're only there for the first hour or two the park opens, so if you make a beeline for Space Mountain at rope drop (like all good Liners do...) you'll miss them. They stop right at town square, along the culdesac, and again up at the hub in front of the castle. When they pull up to the curb, just hop on board.

We rode in the horse-drawn carriage a couple months ago, and then stopped to get a pic with the force behind our locomotion when we got off:

It's a cute fun ride, and it feels exclusive, since they only hold like 6-8 people. But it's also very slow You can walk down Main St faster than the vehicles typically go, so I wouldn't spend time on it if you're in Commando Touring mode.