Main Street Philharmonic

Hi, does anyone know if the Main Street Philharmonic still does scheduled performances or are they random? I don’t seem to be able to add them to my Touring Plan and the Disney website does not list any times for them during our dates. Are they seasonal now? We stumbled upon them on our last trip and really want to see a whole performance this time!

They are still listed on WDW site, under “entertainment” at MK. When are your dates?

We are going 9/22-9/28. If I try to “Show In My Plans” it says that there are no times available.

They just have not published times yet, not even for August. I’ve found that to be true of a lot of entertainment things, they wait until close to your trip. All you can do is look at the times currently showing for it, and put a break in your plan (TP, not MDE) as a place holder.

Thanks! That makes sense. I clicked “Select a Time” and looked at the July drop down to get an estimate of Friday hours and it looks like they don’t perform on Fridays or Saturdays. Bummer but maybe that will change for September.