Main Street Electrical Parade

Is anyone else having problems with putting the Main Street electrical parade into their plans for the 10/9th?? It is the last day it is running forever and it is our first day in so we wanna catch it but it is saying there is none scheduled when there is? Is this a glitch in touring plans? Can someone get to someone to fix it? I am anal about my plans lol

The 9th is the last day. The 10th is a MNSSHP day, so it wouldn’t be running that day even if it wasn’t shutting down.

I have it in my plan for the 9th, but I’ve had it there for months. And today, I’m getting an error that there are no shows that day, too. I was not getting this error as recently as Saturday.

Disney’s website shows 2 shows on the 9th: 9 PM and 11 PM.

@len what’s going in?

I hope Paint the Night parade is on its way in…

It’s not going to be at WDW in 2 weeks. It finished the regular run at Disneyland on the 5th of this month, but it’s still going to be showing seasonally at Disneyland until the end of the year.

I know…The 9th of october is the last night…its going at 9pm and last one 11pm…but in making my plans for the night its saying its not …thereby not letting me finish my plans!! ;)…Can someone from rourungplans fix it??

I think this is fixed now. My touring plan is not squawking at me anymore.