Main Street Electrical Parade Rumor?

Has anyone else read the rumor that the Main Street Electrical Parade will finally be leaving the Magic Kingdom after September 10th? I read today that Entertainment was told that would be the last night of the parade.

As we’ve already heard, Paint the Night will be ending at Disneyland Sept. 5th and the 45th anniversary of Walt Disney World starts Oct 1st. My hopes are on Paint the Night coming to WDW.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Have heard the rumor and am sad. MSEP was the first parade I ever saw at WDW. It went away for a while but came back in time to be the first WDW parade my kids also saw, which I love :heart:

That being said I have heard amazing things about PTN and if that holds to be true I will look forward to that.

Same for me, it was the very first parade I saw and it holds a very special place in my heart.

I’ve also been lucky enough to see PTN at Disneyland though and it’s fantastic. I’ll always have that deep affection for MSEP but I have to admit that it’s incredibly dated. While it’s hard to see things I love go away, I’m always for fantastic new additions and I really think this parade would be a fantastic fit for the Magic Kingdom… and if that’s the case, my fingers are crossed that it’s ready to go in time for our November 5th trip :fearful:

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I would be so, so, so sad to miss MSEP! We go Nov 11th. It definitely is nostalgic for me, having seen it repeatedly at DL growing up and it being the first night time experience for my two oldest. They probably don’t remember though. I get Disney chills hearing the music! I hope the rumors are wrong! BUT it will still be Disney no matter what. And I guess it will force us to find a new favorite!

This is from a different thread but it’s the January 2017 entertainment schedule:
January 2017 Magic Kingdom schedule

So, neither Wishes nor MSEP are on the schedule…

I am head to the World the last week of September, and according to MSEP is scheduled that week

Nov 11 is a MVMCP, so the park does not have MSEP that night. It is listed at 9:00 on the next day, Nov 12, per WDW site.

This is fairly normal for WDW, they don’t put Wishes or the MSEP on the schedule until closer to the time. Happens a lot, and people get concerned that there will be no shows. Then WDW adds them and everyone has to adjust their carefully made at 180 day plans. :wink:


True. I think I replied on that other thread that each time we’ve gone in January, Wishes was every night. And the MSEP was each night since it’s revival. So, we’ll see. The one I really am hopeful for is that AK will be open past 5 for ROL.


That’s just when we check in. We aren’t (loosely!) planning MSEP until much later in the week. I think the 16th. Won’t matter if they really cancel after Sept 10!

MDE app doesn’t show any hours at all past Sept 10 or so, I just noticed today. I don’t remember the exact last day for which hours are posted, but I know none were up for Sept 15th. I have heard this is totally normal and means nothing other than you can’t fully plan your evenings. Fun fun! :disappointed_relieved:

I did a bit of “research” on some of “insider”'sources and what I’m reading is that PTN will NOT be coming to WDW any time soon. Once it “closes” it will go into deep refurb (it’s been running twice a day for 15 months), and will then come out “seasonally” (e.g. Christmas and summer) at DL. MSEP is expected to run at least through the first of the year; the crystal ball is dark after that. The “guesses” are that Disney will try to stretch MSEP for all its worth, and then develop a new parade for the 50th in 2021.

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Once they get into the two holiday parties, there are considerably fewer MSEPs in any given week. These extra “dark nights” will give them a bit of maintenance time - and less wear and tear on the parade elements.

FWIW - I have a HUGE nostalgic attachment to MSEP going back to the early 80s. Personally, I hope it NEVER goes away.

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FOh I hope MSEP stays! We absolutely love it both for what it is and nostalgic reasons. First parade we saw the first night of our first trip in 2011 when our kids were just 6 and 3.5. We’ve loved it ever since and try to catch it at least once every year.

I’ve seen video of PTN though and it is amazing, definitely wouldn’t mind seeing that mixed into the nighttime festivities at DW.

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I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if/when announcements get made. The rumblings of MSEP going away certainly seem to be making the rounds and personally, I don’t see Disney making PTN a seasonal show while keeping MSEP running twice a night at their most profitable park. All is rumor until Disney says, I suppose. I think the next few years will be exciting ones for Disney Parks for sure.

I guess you guys know that the parade’s last show in WDW is Oct 9.

Yeah, I just saw another thread opened about it so I didn’t know if I should revive this one. I’m curious to see what happens. There’s obviously still the rumor that PTN could be coming. I suppose that’s a possibility for early next year but definitely not before since Disney announced PTN will continue seasonally for the rest of 2016. The other possibilities include WDW not having a nighttime parade which I guess COULD be possible but seems VERY unlikely to me and then of course, there could be an entirely new show coming. I would love this but again, it seems like it wouldn’t be before next year. This would have to be a super secret project to happen before then… but I imagine with holiday parties between October and the end of December, they aren’t concerned about the off nights.

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