Magicmobile for Android

It’s up! I was able to set it up on my S21!!!

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When I tap the Disney MagicMobile tile in the MDE app, it doesn’t do anything.

I’m guessing they are blocking it entirely if your phone doesn’t support NFC (although, you would think they would give a warning message telling users that why it isn’t working). I thought, though, that maybe it would still work since my Android Wear OS watch has NFC, and maybe it would work through that. Guess not.

ETA: I take it back. I killed the app on my phone and started it again, and now it is working.

I was just about to tell you I had to force stop it first. Glad you figured it out.

Great, thanks!

I had to close the app first, too (Galaxy s20)

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Can anyone explain what NFC is please?

I googled it and so I know what it stand as for (or did, forgotten already lol). But all it really said was it helps people use touch screen technology or something.

What does it do and why is it needed for the MagicMobile thingy? Do I need MagicMobile anyway?

NFC is part of the tap to pay functionality like apple pay, Google pay, etc. It’s about device to device communication over very close distances. (We’re talking millimeters)
The nfc chip in a phone can detect the nfc chip in a card reader, a printer, or a tapstile. It then connects and reads the info that is being shared.
Not your whole phone, just the app that is authorized.

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To answer your second question, you don’t NEED Magic Mobile. If you are happy using magic band or the plastic cards, you can still use them. I imagine at some point those older technologies will stop being supported, but there’s nothing magic Mobile does that magic band can’t do.

This makes more sense now as to why there was a Google Pay button for me to choose before I could go any further.

It is frustrating that Magic Mobile is requiring the use of Google Pay. Will need to think if I want to activate this now.

It isn’t using Google Pay to charge anything. Google Pay is just Android’s way of having a digital wallet to interact with a phone’s NFC system.