Magick Kingdom Fireworks paid events

We are doing a joint vacation with my brother’s family and he has a 5 year old daughter.
It is there first trip to WDW, and they really want it to be magical.

I can only find the dessert cruise, did they discontinue the other dessert parties?
Also the dessert cruise wont show any availblity on any day, is this a must call to book?

Thanks as always

There are two dessert parties in MK. One standing and for $15 more you can sit in TT. Look under events in Things to do on their site. You can look at a calendar for availability

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They are listed under Dining, at Magic Kingdom. There are three dessert parties.

  1. Garden Plaza view - pre-fireworks
  2. Garden Plaza view - after fireworks
  3. Tomorrowland Terrace view - pre-fireworks.
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Thank you!!!
This is what i was looking for.

Looks like i waited to long to search for it.
We will be at MK November 20th.

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