MagicBands shipping

Two days ago, we received part of our MagicBand order. Oddly, I never received any indication that they had even shipped, but there they were in our mailbox. Since we have two separate room reservations, this is the room that had my three kids in. We ordered their bands first, and then ordered the bands for my wife and I second.

This morning, I received an email saying the bands my wife and I ordered have shipped, expected to arrive on Monday.

This answers a question I had in my brain about when they would actually end up shipped. Since our stay isn’t until August 7, I was worried they would wait until 10 business days out to ship them…which had the potentially to be a problem, since we are driving down 3 days, plus have 3 nights at Universal. But apparently, didn’t need to worry.

Anyone else get their MBands? Definitely makes the trip feel all that more like it is really going to happen!


We just finished our order the other day. I will let you know

In fairness, we received our premium ones for April before the shut down. They still wanted us to select new ones, so we did. Fully prepared to pay the cost of the premium ones if it comes to that, as my understanding is your room is billed at checkout for these?

Nope, you pay for those ahead of time.


I can confirm that our credit card has already been charged for the premium bands we ordered. I just double checked my credit card statement to be sure.

I received notice today that our bands shipped yesterday. For our trip in January. :upside_down_face: To be fair, I rescheduled that trip on Monday from July 16 (sniff sniff) to mid-January. So maybe they were already in the queue to be shipped for the July trip and it was too late to pull them back out (in which case it would be cutting it very close for my liking).

I also had a thought that maybe they’re fulfilling all the complimentary orders placed so far, before that goes away. Once it stops being “free” I think a lot fewer people will order them.

ETA: it just occurred to me that yesterday would be 10 business days out from the original trip date, so maybe that’s their schedule.

Yep, got two emails and a push notification in MDE for two sets we had ordered!

I was thinking about this during the night.

We are still pretty tentative for late August.

Typically the bands ship by 29 days out, and arrive about 3 weeks ahead.

I’m wondering if they are holding back until that 10 day point (which you note was about when they shipped for the original travel date) — otherwise lots of people could end up with free bands for trips that they don’t take.

The more I think about it that seems most likely. Makes me happy, and we will eventually use them, but not everybody will end up needing them.

In our case they were shipped and received more than 30 days out!

ETA: Maybe because we ordered a few premium bands?

I am hesitant to order because I feel that there is a very good chance of us canceling. We can still use our old ones, right? They are less than a year old.

Yes premium ship earlier