MagicBands can be ordered now...but

I checked this morning. For the first time since this all started, the system is allowing us to order MagicBands for our resort stay in August.

But there is a catch…the only offerings listed at the moment are the solid color basic bands. FYI.


You know, wife and I are slated for 25th anniversary this august. First adult only trip ever. Had tried numerous times when first married, but could never afford it. So many things lined up for this trip

  • deluxe resort, yacht
  • cool pool
  • hit some bars and BW entertainment
  • EMHs - even a up to midnight at MK
  • great tix prices from SW
  • wife has AP and TIW
  • low crowds (which still might be case)

We are holding off on final decision, but even put forward idea of UO. I know many here are struggling with same issues. Just wanted to vent a little bit.

Have a magical day!

Question: do u think they’ll give guests option to choose a free magic band or free magic mask?


Well, as of today, they are only offering the MagicBands. :smiley:

But maybe a little pixie dust will cause magic masks to appear in your room upon arrival? :wink:

Been offering the block colour magic bands on the UK site for a week or so.