Magicbands 2.0

There are pictures of the new magicbands showing up on instagram from the Destination D event. There are also some shots of magicband accessories.

Funny. I just came across this article the moment you posted this thread. Here’s the article:

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I saw a picture on instagram and I’ve searching for more info but I couldn’t find anything. Thanks.

anyone know a timeframe of when these will start shipping out to resort guests? Wondering if my bands for my March trip will look like this?

Is there any new functionality here, other than the ability to pop out the center so that you can put in in some other form of wearable?

From what I read “somewhere” (I’m on entirely too many “Disney boards”), the RFI tech is essentially the same and there will be no noticeable difference - for now. There MAY be some tech built in for future applications.


I’m waiting to find this out too. I can’t find any info on it. I guess because they were just released today. Mabye TP will have info later today. I’m thinking there must be a functionality change. Otherwise, why bother?

I am finding that they should be available for guests starting in January.

Tech is the same, but they “puck” in the middle will be removable so that you could put it on a key chain, or lanyard medallion. Must be people wanted to have the option to not have it on their wrist.

I’m actually kind of excited about being about to put it on a keychain or lanyard myself. My husband has eczema, so anything that sits on his skin that could potentially cause a flair up. He doesn’t even wear a wedding ring because of this. So having the option to wear his MagicBand on a keychain is a nice option!

Why bother? Because now you can buy a magic key chain! A magic lanyard! The more merchandise, the better, right?

(Though I readily grant PP’s point that the bracelet is an issue for some people and there’s actually a valuable upside there. My skeptical side just doubts this was Disney’s motivation.)

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Oh, I have no illusion that the idea of selling more accessories wasn’t the main motivation behind the change. But I do appreciate having more options. :wink:

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