My daughters want to order some of these to bling out their they really stay on, or am I asking for a freak out everyhour after they keep falling off and getting lost?


Are your daughters going to freak out if they fall off and get lost?


Probably, they are 5 and 7....little girls can can be dramatic. :slight_smile:
They arent typically little snots, but I can see one of them crying if they all fell off right away.


I bought these for my kids and they lost mostly all of them I would suggest putting super glue behind them. They are really cute but I wasted my money :frowning:


we have not had a problem with ours. they're so cute! you have to make sure they are pushed all the way thru!


I pushed mine on all the way through. Lost every single one of them. I wouldn't recommend unless you superglue them on. But yes, they are adorable.


@t9383 They are adorable and we ALMOST bought them for our kids but had been told by lots of people that they fall off! So we opted to do these instead last year and we LOVE them, just ordered more for this year, they stay on so well and lasted the entire trip w/ no issues. Still stuck on to our MBs from last year actually!!
Prices are super reasonable and free shipping!


So cool! Do you have pictures of what they look like on the bands by chance?


I found some! Nevermind, thanks for showing me this link! So adorable!


We had these on all four of our bands, maybe three on each, and never lost any!


Those are so cute!


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They totally fall off.

We have lost some and found some. We were at a "break even" on them til I lost Mickey this last trip. Now we are down one.

Save your dough.


Sorry I just saw this! Had a sick kiddo yesterday!! Here are ours from last year, we just bough more for this trip!


Very Cute!


Those look great! I was thinking about getting them for our upcoming trip instead of buying each kid a new character band when we get there. How long do they typically take to get to you? We are about 6 weeks out.


This is mine.

I'm in the UK and ours took about 2 weeks to arrive. I wish I had pics of the others, they were SW themed.


cant rave enough about my fantasy bands.


Oh you have plenty of time, especially if you order now. Mine arrived to me in a week - a week and a half after ordering.