MagicBand owner questions

Now that I have our final reservations secured for our December trip at the Boardwalk and Contemporary resorts, I have questions about choosing MagicBands.

It looks as though my wife and I can each choose two MagicBands…one for the BWV and one for the Contemporary. Of course, we already have MagicBands purchased for our May trip…so…

  1. If we select our MagicBands now (early) will we receive them before May so that we can use them for that trip as well if we wanted?

  2. Are the bands we select pre-assigned? Or will we receive them, and we can assign them to anyone we want? Specifically, we were thinking about selecting a MB that one of our kids might want to use instead…but I’m not sure that’s allowed.


  1. Possibly but not likely.
  2. Yes. They are assigned to each of you as they are a perk of booking. They cannot be re-allocated.

Okay. Very good. Thanks for your timely response. :slight_smile:

That means I get to be entirely selfish in choosing my own Magic Bands, then! :slight_smile:

Just to add, I selected magic bands for an April trip in October and received them a few weeks later. So def possible to get in time.

I ordered mine for June the other day and got them two weeks later. Seems they have changed how they handle this.

If you do the upcharge ones, then they are shipped very quickly. If you opt to just keep the free option (i.e. just the plain colors) they are sent a couple of weeks before the trip.

So if you opt for the special ones and pay the upcharge for the December ones, you should get them within a couple of weeks of the order.

Be aware that if you order special upcharge ones for only some of your party, you will be sent ALL of the bands with the shipment even if the others are the regular bands. That is, you cannot split the order.


Okay…good to know. So, I guess if we see any we like in the coming months, we can order them. I noticed that the ones offered for your resort are a subset, and different from, the ones offered through ShopDisney.

and the offerings change almost daily, and come and go during the day based on demand, so you’ll want to check rather regularly.

Like you needed another thing on the list for planning your WDW vacation!

I’m pretty sure the reason why they’d ship the upcharged ones quickly but not the color ones is b/c they are hoping you’ll change your mind and order an upcharged one. I noticed that before I changed my colors order to an upcharge one they kept asking if I wanted to change it before the ship date. I did, I had just had a terrible time getting 5 designs that we all liked at the same time; this only came together right before the deadline.

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What about if the magic bands you originally got were from a previous stay - can we repurpose those? (i.e. DD4 and I each got MBs in May 2018; we’re going again in 9 (!!) days and I have two new MBs. Can we take DD4’s original one and use that for DH now? (since purple is no longer her favorite color… :woman_facepalming:t2:

The MB that was DD4s will be DD4s forever. They cannot be reassigned and DH will not be able to use it.

DD4 can get a new one with your onsite reservation, as can DH

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However, I believe one can remove the Mickey puck from a Magic Band — I have never done this but there are instructions on line — and put it in a different wristband, and a different puck into the original band in question

I’ve never done this and would not — we have so many multiples of bands there is always a choice which one to use! - but I have read it can be done.

Yes, that is true.

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Other than cute color combos I cannot imagine the appeal!!!

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Most people who take them out do so to put them in a different type of holder (ie a slider so you can wear them on a fitbit/applewatch band or a clip on holder for folks who dislike things on their wrists).

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