MagicBand mis-story? (mystery...get it?)

I was looking up some information related to our December stay, which involved rented DVC points.

Anyhow, in the confirmation email from Disney, there is some fine-print information. But here’s something interesting I hadn’t noticed before:


What’s the story? Is this just a “mis-story” and it doesn’t matter (which I believe is the case), or is there some legitimate reason for not having multiple MagicBands assigned to the account?

This has been a “thing” for a few years. If you have multiple ACTIVE magic bands it can really glitch your account. (Basically glitch Disney IT and magic band touch points). I Think the magic number has been three…but I’ve always deactivated all my bands except 2 per person. I usualy bring our newest band as well as the most recent band after that with us, and deactivate the rest and leave them at home.

I had 5 active on my last trip and the only problem I ran into was occasionally having issues open the door to our room.

So the second band per person is just in case the first one is lost or malfunctions?


Yes. I always bring a backup band per person. We use those buddy band things to help the strap stay on - however I always like a backup just in case we lose one. It’s much simpler to have one on hand than to wait at guest services for a new, boring gray one. :wink:


Wait a second. A couple of us CHOSE boring gray ones! Err, I mean, chose gray ones! That doesn’t make us boring.

Does it?

My apologies. It makes you; classic, traditional. :grin:

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I loved those bands for the peace of mind, especially with the children. I didn’t feel like I had to obsessively check (as often) that my band was still there.

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Yes. Yes it does.

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Last time we went, I got DH the gray. Not sure I can fully say it doesn’t speak to boring. :rofl:

The newbies who joined us at WDW last year are fairly newly married, and liked Lady and the Tramp for avatars. So they got a yellow band and a gray band, of course.