MagicBand linking

I paired my magic band+ for all parties and it says paired and active but I’m getting this message.

Do I need to do something else to link it to my actual trip?

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I think as long as you see each band linked to each member who is on the reservation you are good to go.

Thank you! I think I’ll have to call Disney just to be sure. I don’t want issues when I arrive.

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Well my bands were linked yesterday but now they’re not. Anyone experience this? Oh Disney technology!

Can you check from within the app rather than using the website? It could be a website glitch.

It says I need to pair them when they were paired last night. How do I see see that it’s linked to my resort stay in the app?

Also, glad to see another person up this early.

MagicBands are linked to people, not stays. If you have one listed for you, and you have a stay booked, you can use it.

In the app tap the menu button…

The tap the Magic Bands and More Burton…

If MBs are there, you are good. If not, you can try adding them again. Otherwise a call is your next step.


I chatted with Disney and they said everything looks good. Fingers crossed.

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So after all that my husband wanted to turn it off when we packed and reset it. And now it won’t pair. IT’s advice wouldn’t work. So now it will work just like an old MagicBand. Sigh. And Disney IT is the worst. I should be able to impair and re-pair.