Magical Vacations Travel

Does anyone have a TA at Magical Vacations travel that they would recommend? I have a friend that wants to stay at the Contemporary during Presidents’ Day week. She needs someone who can make ADR’s and help with Fast Passes. I know there are some knowledgeable agents here but i was hoping she would be able to get a better rate through them since they sometimes have agency exclusive deals.

You can also check out this list until you hear from anyone. You can sort it by agency and see if there’s anyone on it from there. Good luck with your search!

Darth Dopey I gave her your contact information. I told her to contact you if there weren’t any agency exclusive deals at Magical Vacations

wow. thanks!!

i wasn’t expecting that. I just wanted to be sure you had the link to the list. :smile:

@DarthDopey is great. If you are still looking for a Magical Vacations Travel agent, I can recommend Kristen. She worked with us through three date changes and two resorts. We leave tomorrow. :smile:

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I recommend Kristin from Magical Vacations as well. She has been SO helpful for our Thanksgiving week family vacation for 11 people, and especially with our ADRs.