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Good morning Liners! We just booked our flights. How do I put our flight info in MDE? I can’t find where :confused:

Pretty sure you have to call DME to add your flights.

Really!?! That’s annoying lol

@rnjackie is spot on, unless you’re DVC. I’m pretty sure they have a form on the website. Annoying to have to wait on the phone, but at least DME requests are pretty straightforward and shouldn’t take long

Oh! You can do it online at anytime! Really! Here’s the website.
It’s very easy. You just put in your flight information. I’ve done it twice now, and have never had a problem.


I booked my room through orbitz, and there was a link with my reservation info to add my info for the DME. The only time I had to call ws to ask for additional luggage tags to be mailed, as they only send one per person, but will willingly send more.

You do not need to call. I have used the link that Sally posted above.

After you add your flight information, can you see it on your MDE site?

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My TA has always taken care of this. Thanks for the link in case I don’t use a TA in the future. I’d never seen that before.

I dont think I can see it anywhere, no. Not that I have noticed anyway. But it had my correct info in the packet when they sent my luggage tags.

Just wondering if anyone knows when you are meant to receive packages and tags if you book with a TA?

2-3 weeks before is my understanding. If you haven’t received anything 10 days out, get in touch w/TA/MDE.

@ejj thanks. We are driving to the US this year to fly to Orlando (huge cost savings) so we can take advantage of the luggage tags both ways also :smiley:

I did the link sally posted. Haven’t received an email or don’t see anything on mde. I’ll wait to panic tho lol

My last trip I could see it on MDE from a computer when I clicked on reservation details. A window popped up that said I had an AP resort booking with ground transportation.

Don’t panic yet. :smile: Check under the My Reservations section tomorrow, specifically the Resort section. I know that it took a day or so before mine showed up. It will say Magical Express next to Airport Transportation.

I got an email with all the info, but don’t see it on mde. Can’t find it :frowning:

I don’t think they list the details on MDE. If you go into “my reservations and tickets” you should eventually see a note within your hotel reservation that says “Airport Transportation: Disney’s Magical Express Service.” That’s all it will say. I think it takes a few days to show up.

The email is the proof for now. They will send you a packet in the mail with more information and luggage tags. Sometimes it comes right away. Sometimes it doesn’t come unto 2-3 weeks before your trip. Don’t worry! You did it right.

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An easier way to remember where to enter it is, that reroutes to the link posted above.


Just used this after the CM on the phone told me I would have to call Orbitz. Thank you!!