Magical express verses renting a car

I get the lack of confidence, I was terrified, only drove to Universal rather than everywhere except MK, and next trip I’ll just use uber.

It’s annoying, because I like driving and the (leaky) car we had was a really nice car and was pleasurable to drive, except for the whole me-being-terrified thing.


As you can see from all of the above, there are many opinions. Here’s mine.

I’ll start by saying that I always drive, so I always have a car. And I’m perfectly happy leaving it parked the whole time I’m there. I never drive to a park or DS; the only time I might drive is if I’m going to a different resort for dinner. And now in the era of Uber, I doubt if I’ll be doing much of that anymore either. My Type A, OCD, Commando touring days are behind me. Vacation is about relaxing a bit (even at WDW); I spend 90 min a day, 5 days a week, in a car commuting. Even if it takes a bit longer, I’m more than happy to let someone else do it for me on vacation - especially in the evenings if I want to enjoy some adult beverages.

If for some reason I were to fly into Orlando, there is no way I would rent a car there; I couldn’t justify the cost, the hassle of the rental process (arriving and departing), the drive from/to the airport, the new resort parking fees, etc.


The others have far more experience that I when it comes to rental cars at MCO. I can say this much, I rented a car online via Delta airlines for 4 days at Fort Myers FL airport. Drove to Naples and back 3 days later. The cost seemed reasonable when I booked it but after taxes and such it wasn’t that cheap. We used National and the car was like new. Be careful with add on items such as insurance and GPS units. Your own insurance will usually cover the rental and bring your own GPS if needed. Now back to driving from MCO to your resort. There was MUCH construction going on when we were there in March so be prepared for Many Detours. As mentioned Disney is now adding on a heavy fee for over night resort parking. If staying on property the parking fee is waved at the parks. Personally we have used the ME every trip and have never waited all that long at MCO. It is true that on departure Disney books the ME for you three hours before your flight and 4 hours on holidays. Considering all this I believe ME is the only way to go but that’s me and mine.

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We rent our car via COSTCO (free additional driver), usually with Alamo.

Love having a car to pick up stuff, go to the outlet, drive to and from whenever we like.

I’ve heard it both ways, really, it’s a preference for you. I love driving to the gate… makes me tingle!


Totally agree. And I use Costco too because the rates are so much better. And usually with Alamo.

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