Magical Express riding the shuttle

I was wondering on Disney Magical Express if you can have them take your luggage to the resort but instead of riding the shuttle you could take an Uber to expedite your arrival at your resort? I was just curious?

I don’t know for sure, I haven’t gone yet, but from what I have read on the threads, it seems like I remember them saying that at least one person has to be on the shuttle for them to transport the luggage. but i could be wrong. Hopefully a more experience liner will answer for you

I have no direct knowledge (“so why are you answering” you might ask . . . good point)

But noodling this out, from a security standpoint, luggage on a vehicle with no person on the vehicle seems like a risky proposition. Just like if you check a bag onto an airline, but don’t board the flight, they take the bag off…

So, if I had to guess, I would say transporting luggage would require a passenger…

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Ok, quick search finds this…

It has worked at times in the past but recently someone on chat reported they did it and then they were called to comeback to the airport and get their luggage.

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The bags don’t go on the coaches that the passengers are on. They are transported separately.

Officially you are supposed to travel on MDE if you use the baggage service. As @PrincipalTinker has said, often it works fine. But if there is a problem and the bags go missing, Disney will be unlikely to help transport them to the resort if you didn’t check in to MDE.

We placed our Magical Express tags on the bags and didn’t have a problem in September… we took a car service and from wheels down we were in the park in under an hour. Bags were in our room when we got there … pre-checked in.And was sent a text when the room was ready… used our magic band to get in… never had to go the the front to “check in”… SO It can be done

To answer the question, the answer is no by the book. I would not risk my luggage not making it to my resort to do this.

I will also say that I rented a car this trip and it did not get me to the resort any faster than DME has in the past.

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Thanks to everyone for your time and responses! Coop