Magical Express Reservation

I didn’t have my flights booked when I made my package reservation so I called back to add Magical Express. Is there anywhere on the Disney app or website that I should be able to see this reservation? I don’t have an email or any other proof I called to add it. I am sure it’s there to I am just missing it.

I don’t believe so, but they should mail you a confirmation letter a week or so prior to your trip.

Thank you very much! That is super helpful to know.

I think they stopped sending any kind of confirmation. You can always just go down to ME and have them scan your band and they’ll put you on a bus.

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Entirely possible. We got a letter for our May/June trip, but that may be something they’re phasing out. In any case, I would not worry too much about it, they will get you on a bus as long as you have a hotel ressie!


It won’t show your info, but in the details about check-in in MDE/website online check-in, it will show “Disney’s Magical Express” rather than an arrival time.

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Thank you!

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