Magical-Express Question

For our upcoming stay, we are staying with another family at BLT on the same reservation. However, they are taking a Friday flight (red eye) into Orlando and staying at the airport and we are arriving on Saturday.

For the magical express, should we just say all are arriving on the Saturday flight so we can ride in together? I’m assuming Disney would hold their bags at the hotel when they arrive earlier in the morning and that wouldn’t be an issue.

Appreciate the help.

If they arrive after 10pm and before 5am they will have to collect their own luggage.

Yes you can give the Sat morning flight info for all of you and get ME together.

Thanks for the note.

Will Disney allow them to load their bags on the Magical Express in the morning?

Yes, you can take your bags with you and load them onto the bus.

Just tell them NOT to use the DME yellow tags. Otherwise they will likely be pulled and held until the morning.